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*Mel now lives on a farm in Sweden and is first workdog there. We are planning a litter on Mel in the near future.*





Mel is after Mosse's old Mac (SM winner 2000) and has in the backgorund Johnny Wilson's Spot. I have been intrested in this bloodlines since I started with sheepdogs and we are proud to have this blood in our breeding! 


Mel always wants to work and does everyday work at the farm and compete at trials. She is a stubborn dog that never gives up. Started at Scottish national 2011.


Mel has two litters, with Sam as the father to one, and Davey as the father to the last one. The pups is showing nice style and workability! We have kept two young dogs after Mel/Davey and they both are doing really well.



Special merits:

  • Mel qualified to Selatyn double fetch final 2011



  • 4/9-11 Atholl & Weem




DoB:          6/12-2007

Eyes:         Clear/DNA Normal

Hips:         A (Excellent)

Reg/Isds:   Vallreg/00/310285














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